Motion Graphics


Sometimes a standard video production just isn’t suitable to lead an effective marketing campaign. Fortunately, the vibrant and flexible nature of motion graphics provides a stellar alternative. It doesn’t matter what your product or service entails, a talented creative team – like the one we have in our StoryWorkz’s Singapore studio – can produce a captivating campaign that’s both unique and eye-catching.
Part of what makes motion graphics so special is just how adaptable the format is. You can build a highly expressive campaign for everything from internal corporate communication to email marketing campaigns and social media posts. At the end of the day, it’s all about capturing attention and communicating a message. And that’s what motion graphics do better than anything else.


If you choose to partner with StoryWorkz, we’ll work alongside your business to create motion graphics that make sense for your brand. Based on the initial script for your campaign and our collaborative storyboard, we’ll present a selection of motion graphic designs that we think will express your message clearly and vividly.
Whatever style your brand needs – straightforward, minimalist or experimental – our creative company can take the most basic statement and turn it into something that explodes with character. Tell us all about your idea and we’ll come up with an animated solution. For a motion graphics studio in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with StoryWorkz.


Make sure your next video campaign leaves a big impression on your target market. Reach out to StoryWorkz and discover how our talented motion graphics designers will lead a production that takes your business to the next level. Based in Singapore, we’ll find a way to communicate your message and engage your most desired audience.