Explainer videos are an outstanding way for modern businesses to communicate a short and sweet message to consumers. This adaptable type of content can be used for a range of purposes, but explainer videos work best when you have a complex idea that needs to be distilled into something that everyone can quickly comprehend.
Typically lasting between 90 seconds and 2 minutes, an appealing explainer video should showcase the key strengths of your products and help customers swiftly appreciate what makes it so special. Meanwhile, a carefully conceived production will also engage consumer pain points and make a memorable impression.
Partner with a professional explainer video service like StoryWorkz. Our Singapore-based production studio will ensure your content boosts brand awareness and conversion rates.


Although there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for explainer videos, we’ll focus on a few key elements when designing your content. First, we’ll delve into your brief and create a script that doesn’t get bogged down in technical jargon. Then, we’ll get your feedback on our storyboard before we launch into the design phase. Complete with outstanding motion graphics and an engaging voice-over, the message behind your explainer video is bound to hit the mark.
As we collaborate closely with your brand, we’ll develop a deep understanding of your content goals and realise these in the final explainer video. Plus, our content will look perfect whether you’re presenting it on your website homepage, social media platforms or inside the boardroom for internal meetings.


Explainer videos might only be short, but a lot of thought goes into making them as effective as possible. Our experienced in-house production team will work alongside your brand to come up with a content solution that makes sense for both your products and your audience.
Contact StoryWorkz and tell us about what you’d like to create. We’ll take your idea and transform it into something special.