Animated explainer videos are an essential way for companies to communicate important messages both internally and to the wider public. These types of videos are incredible for improving brand awareness and presenting easily understood visualisations about complex products. Fortunately, StoryWorkz’s leading animation studio in Singapore has a wealth of experience creating vibrant video productions that attract and convert a precise customer base.
Across 2D animation, 3D animation and motion graphics, our dynamic videos blend a fundamental understanding of marketing techniques with a creative ethos that ensures people see your animated explainer videos and want to take action.


If you’re unsure how to approach your next corporate marketing campaign, a strategically planned series of animated videos could be just what you need. With a compelling set of visuals that ensure viewers are paying attention, it’s possible to present detailed information in a succinct and entertaining fashion.
Forget about using PowerPoint slideshows to reach your target market. A wonderfully crafted animated explainer video with a carefully shaped narrative is how to get the audience to focus on your products. Whether you’re planning to use these animations in a top-notch social media campaign, B2B outreach or internal communications, StoryWorkz will transform your brand story into a bright and bubbly narrative.


Get rid of basic charts and graphs. Instead, use a sharp animated video to enhance your corporate communications. Across dramatically improved brand visibility and conversion rates, a well-produced animated video is bound to give your business a boost.
Reach out to StoryWorkz and tell us about your idea. We’ll take your brief and produce a creative and compelling storyboard that makes sense for your goals. Once we’ve landed on the perfect plan, we’ll go straight into production and deliver an outstanding final product.
Get in touch to find out how an attractive animated video campaign will capture your audience’s attention and express a powerful message.