3D Animation


If your company wants to promote a new product or boost brand awareness, a cinematic 3D animation might just be the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer an experimental art style or photorealism, 3D animation provides an incredibly cost-effective alternative for concepts that are difficult to film. With StoryWorkz, our talented studio will inform and entertain your audience with our captivating productions.
Based in Singapore, StoryWorkz can take virtually any product or service and deliver a 3D animation that achieves your campaign’s goals. Across social media marketing, website content and internal communications, our company has the skills to lead an eye-catching production that captures the attention of your most valued audience. Contact StoryWorkz’s expert team to find out what a top 3D animation studio can achieve.


Developing a rewarding 3D animation is a fantastic experience, but it takes the right guidance to realise a video that achieves your goals. If you choose to partner with StoryWorkz, our talented studio team will work alongside your company to see the project through from beginning-to-end. It all starts with the brief as we reflect on your concept, share ideas and decide on the ideal way forward.
As we move into the next phase of production, we’ll produce an engaging script and begin storyboarding the narrative. After you’ve had input on the depiction of your products and the overall story, we’ll create the designs that make your 3D animation into something truly special.


Based in Singapore, StoryWorkz knows how to take any concept and transform it into an animation your audience simply can’t ignore. Whether you’re looking to showcase the unique attributes of your products or communicate an important message to investors, we can give your idea the 3D animation treatment and stop people in their tracks.