2D Animation


As a delightfully versatile 2D animation firm based in Singapore, StoryWorkz is positioned on the innovative edge of the industry, providing outstanding results for companies of all shapes and sizes. Across an almost endless range of styles, movements and graphics, we’ll work closely alongside your company to create a compelling story that doesn’t break the bank.
As one of the top 2D animation studios in Singapore, our exceptionally talented in-house team will lead a production that elegantly conveys your message. From eccentric characters to dynamic text-based creations, we specialise in producing powerful visual metaphors that stick in the minds of consumers. Tell us about your project and we’ll come up with a vibrant 2D animation that strikes the perfect balance between informative and entertaining.


A bright animation is the perfect format to capture your audience’s attention. But it also needs to be supported with an engaging narrative if it’s truly going to achieve your brand’s marketing goals. Our 2D animation firm will collaborate with your business to create a captivating message that breaks down a complex topic into a playful and succinct story.
Before we get to work on your 2D animation, we’ll have you complete a detailed briefing form. This will give us a framework to generate ideas and produce a stellar script that makes sense for your brand. Then, we’ll storyboard our concept and present it for approval. Once you sign-off, we’ll dive into producing the animation, voice-over and other visual assets to deliver an incredible 2D production.


As a leading 2D animation firm, StoryWorkz prides itself on delivering the greatest results for our clients at a reasonable cost. Based in Singapore, we'll keep your brand in the loop at every stage of the design process to ensure we create outstanding outcomes for your marketing campaign. Reach out about your concept – we’ll produce an animated 2D solution that has an unmistakable voice.